Listed California Plein Aire Impressionist Frame

I want to add that I have listed another Period California frame for 1 day...starting today at 5:30....for people looking for circa 1890-1920 frames for their photographs, documents and pictures.

The mounting measurements are 22 X 28 inches...minus 3/8" all around for the actual viewing edge. The external measurements are 25 5/8" X 31 5/8".

This frame was made in Eagle Rock, California, during or shortly following the First World War. I've had it stored for a long while but I remember t was a tag barely fastened to the back when I got it. I put the tag away for safe keeping and now, after all these years, it is somew safe from ever being found by me. I did make a note that the tag indicated a workshop in Eagle Rock and, at some point later, I saw an old print ad with the workshop's name....a slash....and the name of the well-known Chicago frame maker Newcomb-Macklin. T was no indication that this California maker was merely selling Newcomb Macklin frames, though it's possible the ad was written in a mis-leading way. It appeared that Newcomb-Macklin had bought into the business but I can find no support for that. I'm not saying this is a Newcomb-Macklin frame, just passing along what I do know for posterity. Maybe someone who worked at the Chicago maker came out west to start their own business and used the connections
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