Listed Lithuanian Vytautas Ignas 1924-2009 original woodblock signed numbered

Entitled Neptune Original woodblock print

signed & numbered 41 of 75


Vytautas Ignas (Ignatavicius) was born on May 16, 1924, in Zaciza, Lithuania. His father Jonas was a decorated participant of the fight for Lithuania's independence at the end of World War I. Because of his father's military service, the Ignatavicius family had to relocate a number of times and Vytautas received his primary and secondary education in Liskiava, Lazdijai, Birzai, and Vilnius. He graduated from Vytautas The Great high school in Vilnius in 1941.

Although Vytautas enjoyed drawing from his childhood, he did not think himself talented enough for the fine arts and decided to study architecture. However, a young artist, Jonas Vilutis, after seeing his drawings encouraged him to study art and helped him to prepare successfully for the Vilnius Academy of Art entrance exams. Vytautas began his art studies in 1941. His drawing teachers were Antanas Gudaitis and Liudas Vilimas, and his painting teacher was Justinas Vienozinskis. When the Academy was closed in 1943 by the German occupation forces, Vytautas attended clandestine art studies organized by Adolfas Valeska at the Vilnius Museum of Art, where Adolfas Valeska taught painting, Juozas Mikenas - drawing, Mikalojus Vorobjovas - art history, Levas
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