Listed New York Artist Segundo Huertas Lg Oil Painting Southwestern Desert 1970s

This wonderful large piece was painted by the famous Argentinian painter Segundo Huertas [1923- 2010]. It shows a desert scene with a broken stump laying in the sand with chaparral leading to mountains in the background. Beautiful light blue sky with clouds building. In great condition it has a few crazing lines in the thick paint but no damage or staining. The canvas measures 36" X 24" and the frame is 43 1/2" X 31 1/2".

Askart says:

Segundo Huertas [Aguiar] was born in San Juan, Argentina, in 1923. While growing up on a farm, he spent most of his spare time painting landscapes from nature. He is known for his seascapes, landscapes and street scenes. "The paintings of Segundo Huertas are landscape and seascape tributes to the beauty in nature. He paints poetic settings inspired by the outdoors. The mood ranges from the peaceful solitude of a mountain paradise to the blazing fury of the heated desert horizon." -Jan Jennings, Art Critic 1977
Collectors have described Huertas as the Ansel Adams of painting. Huertas has captured the majesty of America's landscapes and seascapes on his canvas.
His entire life has been devoted to his paintings. As a youngster, he learned to paint outdoors using the landscape of his native Argentina as his subjects. During his formative years, he studied carefully the works of Rembrandt,
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