Lite Light Flite Glowing Ball Flight Floating Magic

New Lite Flite Floating Glowing Ball

One of the most Miraculous Floating Effects Ever Created!

It Lights up, it revolves, it could be the greatest close up levitation ever!

Effect: The magician reaches into his pocket and produces a small illuminated ball. On the magician's command, the ball starts to float in mid-air. As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball a spin. The spinning ball now floats around. The magician's hands circle around the floating ball, dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might be done. Finally, the floating ball rises up and into the magician's pocket.

This is a Great Trick.

Great floating trick that has a very different handling from most ITR effects that looks very unique and offers new fun possibilities!

Plus Bonus Trick The Amazing Spinning Quarter!

Borrow and quarter from one of the spectators, spin it, and cause it to float in mid-air. This is a powerful illusion because it is done with a borrowed object. The quarter looks like a miniature flying saucer as it floats from hand to hand.

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