1 Litecoin LTC Pre-Loaded Physical Paper Wallet Cold Storage Mailed via USPS

Purchasing cryptocurrencies through traditional exchanges can be tiresome. Just to sign up they require your SSN, driver's license and even proof of employment. Cut out the middle man and buy a pre-loaded paper wallet. The paper wallet comes with 1 Litecoin (LTC) already on it.
You can give it to someone as a gift-card, keep it in a personal safe or transfer it to an online wallet. This is a great method to buy litecoin securely because the litecoin address will never be attached to anyone. I only use newly generated litecoin addresses and since the transfer us offline the coins are completely safe to use.
Because Litecoin transactions are not reversible, purchases are non-refundable! Once I receive payment from your matching verified PayPal address I will ship it via USPS with tracking. I will message you with the transaction address which can be looked up on the Litecoin Blockchain. This will show the transaction for proof. From there our transaction is considered finalized. You and you alone are responsible for transferring your purchased Litecoin to alternative wallets.
I only sell to verified PayPal accounts. If your PayPal is unverified or unregistered I will cancel the sale. Do not message me asking to transfer to you digitally, I will not do this to prevent fraud.