LITHOGRAPH Framed Children's Portrait M. RUNCI

This vintage 1960's print was Lithographed from an original painting by the famous children's portrait artist M. Runci . Framed portrait shows a young boy dressed in his Sunday's best. T is such wonderful attention to detail in this print and such a sweet expression on the little boy's face.

I am not an expert on art, but I will try to describe this item to the best of my ability. *Please read the following description very carefully: Wood framed picture measures around 19" x 23" and is being listed in very good condition. I can find no damage on the picture itself, but the frame does have some minor scratches. Lithograph is made from a heavy type of cardboard stock. The back of the picture was once covered in brown paper, but it was in such poor condition that it has crumbled away due to age. Also at one time, someone has stapled the portrait to the frame (I'm guessing to hold it in place). Any bright spots that appear in pictures are from flash. Please be sure to view all photos.

This would make a beautiful addition to any art collection and look terrific displayed in any room of your home. If you should have any questions about our auction, drop us a line and we would be happy to answer them for you. Be sure to visit our other auctions on EBAY this week for more great deals on antiques and collectibles. Good luck

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