Lithuania,Litauen,Sc.Sc.C55-C62, Mi.340-347, LITHUANIAN CHILD 2nd AIRMAIL Issue

Lithuania, Litauen, Sc. # C55-C62, Mi. # 340-347, "LITHUANIAN CHILD" 2nd AIRMAIL Issue, MEMEL-KLAIPEDA > RIGA, Latvia, COVER, 1932.

***Abbreviations: MNH – Mint No Hinge, MH – Mint Hinged, MNG – Mint No Gum.

*** Shipping and handling (S&H) in USA $2.15 ; outside USA $3.32 .

*** TO SAVE SHIPPING COST – TAKE ADVANTAGE, I combine addtional items at no extra S&H cost – ADDITIONAL ITEM ARE SHIPPED FREE .

*** Payment to be received within 2 weeks. Lots will be sent to the winner after the payment has been received.

*** If the total amount of the lots and S&H cost exceeds $50.00, additional payment will be added for the insurance for the US buyers or registry of $10.80 for the buyers outside the US and Canada.

If the registered lots have been lost during shipment, the PayPal refunds the seller the full amount and none to the seller. I am willing to accept bids from outside US and Canada, if the buyer accepts the loss 50 % above $46.04, the US Post Office insures the registered letter. That is, the real loss is split between the seller and the buyer. If the seller does not accept this, please do not bid.


*** If additional information on this item is needed, want to modify this sale requirements, please feel free to e-mail
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