LITHUANIA Parachutist Special Forces metal 1993

This is a mint condition example of an original and obsolete Lithuanian military Special Forces qualification insignia issued in 1993 and used only in that year. The qualification insignia was issued only to enlisted and NCO personnel. The insignia was not worn on the breast in the normal manner but was worn at the base of the Iron Wolf Division shoulder patch after completion of Special Forces or Commando type training. Since the other 11 'branches' wore similar insignia on the patch, it has been thought by some to be a branch insignia and not a parachute qualification badge. After 1993, the branch insignia had an embroidered parachute at the base to denote the branch but do not know if the Special Forces insignia continued to be used.

NOTE: Only 300 of these insignia were produced, due to the small size of the unit.

Will also include a photocopy of the original paperwork on this insignia, which came from the factory which made the insignia and which has gone out of business now.

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