Lithuanian WW2 history military book lot of 6

Six books about Lithuanian military and national history in WW1, and before, during, and right after WW2.

1. 1937 metu Karo Kalendorius- this is an almanac from 1937, that focuses on military matters-- organization, other nations, uniforms, facts, etc. Original book. A few illustrations (see scan sample)

2. Lietuvos Kariuomene 1918 - 1920, (Lithuanian Army)by Vytautas Lescius, publishes in 1998. Over 600 pages about Lithuania's fight for indenpendence. Organazation of forces, batlles, photos, etc. Very detailed. Like new condition.

3. Savanorius Zygiai, vol 2. A reproduced book, from 1991, or the interwar memiors of men who volunteered to fight in 1918-1920 in the independence wars. Over 25 pages of photos. This is a book published in 1991, when Lithuania was again struggling to be free, so the quality of the paper is not the highest, due to eceonimc blockade at the time.

4. Another repro book for 1928, detailing 10 years of Lithuanian independence. Information and statistics about all aspects of national life.

5. Taip Buvo Lemta by Petras Caplikas, 1997. Memiors of a soldier in the Lithuanian Army before the war, and who was sent to Siberia after the war. Some photos.

6. Vilniaus istorijos atkarpa 1939-40. from 1990. About the politics right before WW2, and how Lithuainia got Vilnius
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