Little Eagle Dancer Porcelain Doll by Elke Hutchens - handcrafted - Danbury Mint

Here for your interest is a darling porcelain doll found at an estate sale. It is "Little Eagle Dancer" by Elke Hutchens. It is a handcrafted fine porcelain collector doll in Pueblo tribal attire. The doll has a hand-tailored costume which comes with a beautiful ceremonial cape with real feathers and headdress which is covered in white faux fur.The doll is in mint condition in the original box with all the original wrappings, papers, stand, Danbury Mint certificate, etc. It appears to have never been taken out of the box. The Danbury Mint certificate with the original registered owner's name and the serial number of the piece is included. Absolutely everything is included! The doll is approximately 12 and 1/2 inches in height. The original price of this doll was $89.00.

There is no smoke smell to the box and it is being kept in smoke-free storage.

Thank you for your interest.