Little Feat Lowell George Autographed Dixie Chicken LP

Up for bids is a prized possession from my personal collection. It is a signed Little feat Dixie chicken LP with Lowell George signing on the sweet spot above the girls chest. The entire band has autographed this LP including Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney, and Bill Payne. These are all great sigs from every member. Their sigs in the last 20 years (think reunion era) have become quick scrawls and nothing more. I have extra large, close ups photos of everybodies signatures except Bill's. You can see his clearly in the entire LP photo though. Please do your homework folks. Compare these sigs to any known copy you have or on a fan based website that is displaying this stuff and you'll see they are real. The sigs are all crisp and clean. All were done with the same medium point black ink pen. I do not sell autographed stuff very often. Personally, I don't particularly trust those sellers on ebay who seem to have all the greatest LPs fully signed and in stock everyday. You should not either. I do not issue any fancy looking COA's either. Those are usually total crap not worth the paper they are printed on.

If you buy from me its because you did do your homework and you can see my feedback. I can not emphasize this point enough. I am a great ebay seller and my usual area of sales is china and promo CD'
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