My Little G1 *BABY RIBBS* Adoreable PEEK-a-BOO BOY Pony!

Hello from Canada!

Thanks for dropping by my store Periwinkle's Gems and viewing my sweet My Little Pony auction.

All my items have been previously loved and played with, so none of my ponies are perfect (there really is no such thing!). Most have minor playwear and/or small flaws which will be listed. The ponies have been gently washed, and their hair has been shampooed and conditioned, so they are clean and ready for play or display!

Here is the super cute Peek-a-Boo Baby Boy Pony Baby Ribbs :-)

Baby Ribbs has a dark aqua body, chartreuse hair, purple eyes, and lavender/pink dragon symbols.

He's overall in really nice, clean CONDITION, a lovely color still w/some yellowing though from his bright hair! He has pink on his muzzle, a faded blue R and J x2 under the feet, plus a faded age dot under front right foot. Oh, and unlike the Playtime Baby Brother ponies, Peek-a-Boo ponies were NOT given freckles.

Being a Peek-a-Boo pony, Ribbs can still turn his head perfectly from side to side to watch the world go by! Super cute baby boy pony looking for a new home :-)

His HAIR ~ clean and shiny but dry w/frizzy ends, half of tail is shorter due to a factory insertion flaw; no missing plugs or tail rust.

His EYES ~ excellent w/no wear!

His BLUSH ~ semi-rosy,
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