***Please note, I haven't weighed these yet, so I'm not sure of the shipping cost....assuming it's a bit more weight then most of my items, I put an approximate weight of between 2-4 pounds....I really do expect that it will be less shipping charge after I weigh and measure the shipment, but can't guarantee it as I'm not sure. If it's less weight, I will refund any difference directly back into your Paypal account. Please don't let the shipping cost deter you from buying, since I will make every effort to keep the shipping cost as low as possible....I don't believe in making any profit from shipping, I believe in taking the extra step in saving my buyers as much as possible....and ship as speedy as possible:) Thank you for reading this since I feel it's important to know, that you will only pay the exact cost of your shipping****

Brand new in gift box. This Little Kitchen Fairie is one of the many that are being discontinued by Enesco...Get it while you can! "A FAVORITE OF MY OWN COLLECTION" This Little Kitchen Fairie "PAPER TOWEL HOLDER" was a lucky one for me to get a hold of....before they are all gone...Retails for $35.00....I had to pay full wholesale for this, so this is why it's a little more expensive then most of my items.....but I'm still keeping this affordable for those few that get their hands on it:) T are

This paper towel holder stands 16"H and is just precious to display your Little Kitchen Fairie sitting on top keeping an eye on clean ups!

Designed by GG Santiago, mischievous Kitchen Fairies will add charm and delight to your home and kitchen decor. Her collection of whimsical figurines, "My Little Kitchen Fairies", became a phenomenal success, touching so many hearts with a true essence of delight!

Message tucked into the gift box says.....Searching for a kitchen to live in as she pleases, it is through tiny keyholes that this little fairie squeezes. She'll hide among-st your china, until you turn your back, but be careful of this little fairie, for her mischief is her knack. Sometimes napping in your teacups, or wondering to and fro, making it her comfy home. When visited by a fairie, you will never be alone.


Please make payment within 3 days of winning bid, unless other provisions have been made between you and I.

I thank you so kindly in advance!

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