LITTLE MERMAID Lot of 100 Film Cells collection movie dvd memorabilia Disney

Buyers & Winning Bidders will receive
1 archival glassine envelope containing
100 or more 35mm film cells per the title of this listing.
Please use the example image to get an idea of the condition and color quality of the film cells we currently have in stock for this title.
We will strive to include a good mix of scenes and a good share of main characters.
Most of these Lot Sets of 100 film cells WILL contain some duplicate scenes.
No two film cells will be exactly alike yet some of these cells will come from the same scenes so it may appear that you received duplicates.
These lots may include single film cells as well as film cells in strip format of various cell lengths.
All film cells are genuine-authentic, actually used in movie theatres and thus are in varying condition.
Some film cells may have run lines, scratches, mild abrasions, color fade and sometimes even traces of oil/lubricant from a film projector!!!
It does not get much more authentic, genuine...
Collecting Film Cells is rapidly gaining in popularity.
Digital projection is quickly replacing Celluloid film as the worlds medium of choice making what was already a rare bit of cinema history that much more desirable, collectible and rare.
Film Cells are not only extremely collectable yet also very diverse and can

The sale of these film cell collectibles is not associated with, endorsed by nor licensed by any Movie Studio or Subsidiary of any Movie Studio.

Rare Master theatrical prints were not used in the manufacture of these items and thus none of our film heritage was destroyed in the process.

These film cell items are derived from previews and other film elements lawfully obtained by Movie Film Cell which do not infringe upon trademark, copyrights or right to publicity et al.
MOVIE FILM CELL does not manufacture film cells, these items are not "copies" or "duplications" produced by us.

Please cease and desist any claims that we, Movie Film Cell, has no right to offer these items for sale on ebay or elsewhere and/or are infringing upon the rights of others by offering the sale thereof.

Please contact us via ebay message system with any questions or concerns.


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