Little Mermaid Lunchbox w Lunch for 18" Girl Doll BEST AMERICAN SELECTION!

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LUNCHBOX with COMPLETE LUNCH FOR SCHOOL Every girl wants to have a cute lunchbox and a tasty lunch inside of it. This set is just the right size for your America's most popular 18 inch girl doll or other doll. You get: Realistic Little Mermaid/Ariel Lunchbox -- metal, 3-5/8 inches wide x 2-5/8 + metal handle and latch x 1-3/8 thick (outside dimensions) .
Sandwich with lettuce and tomato (comes apart!) about 1 inch square, 1 banana, Milk carton (red or blue, I cannot guarantee which one will come. Blue is in another language. I used to special-order just the english ones in but the company won't take any more special orders.)
Snack chips Napkin


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