Little Miss Muffin Doll 2-Pack - Sugar and Vanilla

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This Little Miss Sugar Muffin Doll is the sweetest Muffin there could ever be. She adds a little sweetness in everything she does. Little Miss Sugar Muffin knows that a little sweetness goes a long way.
This Little Miss Vanilla Muffin Doll is a shy soft-spoken Muffin. She may whisper like the wind but she has a heart of gold. Little Miss Vanilla Muffin can often be found talking to the butterflies in her garden.
Let's Go Girls!
There's nothin' like luvin' a Little Miss Muffin!� Who's that peeking? Who could it be? A little Miss Muffin seeing me. Pop out her hands and feet and flip her magical muffin cup for a special treat. All the muffin friends have their own muffin fresh scents and are wonderful Pop-n-Flip� fun!
Collect Little Miss Muffin and all her sweet muffin friends!
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