Little Orby Space Toy by Tigrett Industries MIB

The definition of CUTE in outer space is "ORBY" and it is obvious why. This has got to be the cutest little space toy ever!!. Little ORBY is "tired of space" as it states on his packge and now likes to spend his time here on earth crawling down walls as ORBY actually has little suction cups on a rotating wheel that enables him to crawl on walls and evidently even your ceiling. Today likely about 50 years after little ORBY was made I kind of doubt if his rubber sucytion cups will still work, but perhaps if you want to give him a try he just might. You are supposed to stick him to a window or smooth surface, then pull his spring activated rotating wheel via a string and off he goes. Come in colorful original box. I don't think he's been used. Spring action his very tight and seems like new just like the rest of ORBY. Packaging has a small tear at a staple that can easily be repaired with a little Elmers Glue.