My Little Pony G3 Castle Exclusive Pony with Frog Cutie Mark

I am selling off all of the remaining ponies in my collection. This week I have many G3 ponies in fantastic condition that are being sold. I was an avid collector for many years. I purchased most of my ponies new. I would debox them, place them into ziplock bags and then into storage bins in a climate controlled room. I will do my best to describe any major flaws or if they were played with or on display. Remember that G3s factory quality was not that great. Often times I would debox a pony to find a dirt smudge or a minor paint scuff. I will describe these if they are noticeable. Comes from a smoke free home.

This is one of three exclusive ponies that came with the crystal princess castle. I think she is cute with her frog cutie mark. She is in good played with condition. I got her second hand so I do not know her history. She has been in storage since I have had her.