My Little Pony G4, Cherry Pie & Diamond Rose.

This is for 2 My Little Ponies that are still sealed in thier packages & are both G 4 ponies. The first is a white pegasus named Diamond Rose. She has different shades of pink/purple in her hair & her cutie mark is pink/purple Diamond. The box is dated 2011 Hasbro, & she has a purple swan pet that she comes with. She also includes a purple suitcase that has her picture on the front & it can hook on to her leg, a ticket for her train ride & a sticker sheet that has her name, cutie mark, Ponyville & Canterlot on it. She also comes with a 20 min. DVD called Applebuck Season. The next pony is named Cherry Pie, she is a light purple unicorn with yellow & orange hair dated 2011 Hasbro on her box. Her cutie mark is cherry pie with a cherry on top & she has a small white & purple mouse pet. She also includes a 20 min. DVD of AppleBuck Season, an orange suitcase with her picture on the front of it that can connect to her leg, a ticket for her train trip & a sticker sheet with Canterlot, her name & different candies on it. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, I do require that payment is recieved within 3 days of auction ending. Thank You.