My Little Pony Poof 'N Puff Perfume Palace G1 Vintage Rare Almost Complete

Includes everything you see pictured, original box and instructions, although box is dented from being storage. The only things that are missing are the magenta kitten pick with aqua hair, lipstick, and nail polish. Also, the pink mesh scarf is torn in 2 pieces. Everything else is clean and in great condition. Please note there is nail polish stain on the back of perfume atomizer. Atomizer still smells vaguely of lilac perfume.
Includes: 1 blue dresser 1 yellow I Luv You barrette 1 orange teddy bear barrette 1 aqua sand dollar barrette 1 magenta lilies barrette 1 orange necklace 1 purple necklace 1 purple boa 1 pink purse 1 aqua scarf with glitter dots 1 blue flower pick with pink hair 1 straight yellow comb 1 blue butterfly brush 1 aqua hair clip 1 aqua hat 1 pink mesh scarf 1 blue mesh scarf 1 yellow mesh scarf
Please feel free to message me with any questions.

I have had questions regarding the condition of the box. All the sides look good except for one side is dented near the top of the box where it opens as I have shown in the picture. If you need to see more pictures of the box, just message me.