My Little Pony Stockings & Brochure -Special Mail Order

My Little Pony Stockings & Brochure -Special Mail Order
Stockings has hardly been handled and is in excellent shape. Her paint (symbols
and eyes) don't show any signs of wear. Her hair still has some of its natural
waviness. She has 2 or 3 faint marks that are visible since she is white, but they
are small and not very noticeable. Included is a pamphlet that says "Exclusive
Pony Offer" & "You're Invited" on the outside, and "To Stockings' Holiday
Party!" on the inside. It opens up further to show several ponies with fill-in-the-
blanks for their names (the names have been hand-written in with ink) on one
side. The other side features some ponies that could be ordered, along with
ponies modeling some of the outfits and accessories for sale. The pamphlet has
a slight tear in the middle at the crease.
US bidders: Insurance is optional. T are a couple of shipping options to choose from- please keep in mind
shipping time may vary with each service (Parcel Post is 2-9 days).
International bidders: Please make sure your country allows the importation of toys before bidding (I cannot
ship to countries that do not allow this).
Paypal is preferred. Thank you!