Little Red Ridinghood And The Big Bad Wolf

Here is something different for your collection, Little Red Ridinghood and the Big Bad Wolf. The are each about 13 inches and made of porcelain. Little Red Ridinghood is wearing a green, red and white dress under her red hooded cape. She has on laced high topped shoes, pantaloons and socks. The Wolf is wearing a brown coat over a tan vest, white shirt and maroon pants with prints. He is barefooted. These dolls are Limited Edition dolls and made by Duck House Heirloom Doll Company. Little Red Ridinghood has her original box, and I am not sure if both dolls originally came in this box. She has a Certificate of Authenticity, she is Number 1611 out of 5000 dolls produced and has her hand tag also. They are a nice pair for your collection.