Live Steam Turbine Engine. TM-150 w/Display Stand. 60,000rpm. (Wolfgang)

Originally Priced at $149.00 Return of the Very Popular
Turbine Motor 1.500" w/Display Stand.
High Speed Steam Turbine.
Wolfgang Engineering.
I am re-releasing the TM-150 steam turbine motor due to popular demand. I have been producing this item for over 2 years now and due to its effective design, it will be difficult to come up with anything else to replace it. With over 220 sold to customers ranging from Hobbyist, to students, University's, Laboratories,... it is one of my most popular designs.
This is my flagship product that all of the 1.500" 'Brass Series' of steam turbines are based on and is the basis for a much larger series coming out shortly.
The TM-150 housing is machined out of solid Brass as well as the 1.380" turbine blade. ( No Casting are used to develop any of my products). The nozzle is machined from solid Brass as well to allow the customer to solder 1/8" copper tubing on the inside for higher temperatures and pressures then the common use of neoprene holes, which is only good for 25psi or so.
This turbine uses two high speed 5/16" O.D. by 1/8" I.D. Stainless Steel bearings rated for over 100,000 rpm's. This provides high precision and corrosion resistance for a long service life.
The exhaust tube is at standard
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