This is a rare double CD featuring the complete collection of Liz Phair’s live studio recordings, the original rejected version of Whitechocolatespaceegg, as well as some amazing unreleased bonus tracks! Tracks are:
1996 STUDIO RECORDINGS 1. Oh My God 2. Headache 3. Desperado Theme 4. Ride 5. Hurricane Cindy 6. Rocket Boy 7. Perfect World 8. Fantasize 9. Russian Girl 10. Stuck On An Island 11. Tell Me You Like Me 12. Girl’s Room 13. I’m Like That 14. Waiting For The Bird 15. Freak Of Nature 1997 STUDIO RECORDINGS 16. Whitechocolatespaceegg [Early Version] 17. Big Tall Man [Instrumental Version] 18. Tell Me You Like Me [Alternate Version] 19. What Makes You Happy [Rough Mix] 20. Bars Of The Bed [Unreleased] 21. Blood Keeper [Unreleased] 22. What Makes You Happy [Alternate Version] 23. Big Tall Man [Rough Mix] 24. Johnny Feelgood [Rough Mix] 25. What Makes You Happy [Rough Mix] DISC TWO:
WHITECHOCOLATESPACEEGG ORIGINAL VERSION (rejected by record company) 1. Whitechocolatespaceegg 2. Fantasize 3. Headache 4. Big Tall Man 5. Baby Got Going 6. Only Son 7. Bars Of The Bed 8. Oh My God 9. Ride 10. Waiting For The Bird 11. Perfect World 12. Desperado Theme 13. Tell Me You Like Me 14. What Makes You Happy 15. Freak Of Nature 16. Girl’s Room 17. Russian Girl BONUS TRACKS 18. Greased Lightening [Unreleased]
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