Liz Phair Exile In Guyville Gold Record Award-Original!

This is an Original RIAA Gold Record Award for Liz Phair's Exile In Guyville. If you're checking out this listing, then we're sure you know what a groundbreaking album this was at the time of it's release!
's what the All Music Guide has to say about this record:
"If Exile in Guyville is shockingly assured and fully formed fora debut album, t are a number of reasons why. Most prominent ofthese is that many of the songs were initially essayed on Liz Phair's homemade cassette Girlysound , which means that the songs are essentially the cream of the crop from an exceptionally talented songwriter. Second, t's its structure, infamously patterned after the Stones ' Exile on Main St. , but not the song-by-song response Phair promoted it as. (Just try to match the albums up: is the "bj queen" fantasy of "Flower" really the answer to the painful elegy "Let It Loose"?) Then, most notably, t's Phair and producer Brad Wood 's deft studio skills, bringing a variety of textures and moods to a basic, lo-fi production. T is as much hard rock as t are eerie solo piano pieces, and t's everything in between from unadulterated power pop, winking art rock, folk songs, and classic indie rock. Then, t are Phair's songs themselves. At the time, her gleefully profane, clever lyrics received endless attention (t's nothing that rock critics love more
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