LL Bean Boreal Karhu Meta Skis Snowshoes & Bindings New

Original style LL Bean Boreal (Same as Karhu Meta and Similar to Karhu Karver) Skis / Sliding Snowshoes with Bindings & Skins Brand New Unused !

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get these no longer available skis in brand new condition. These are identical to the Karhu Meta Skis that are pictured except with LL Bean Boreal Logo instead of Karhru Meta Logo. These original style Boreals have far superior metal bindings that have padding and ratchets and an integrated "Bearfur" climbing skin, compared to the vastly inferior replacement currently being sold by LL Bean that has cheap unpadded plastic bindings with buckles and no "Bearfur" (uses ordinary waxless base). Probably would cost $500 if they were still available. Bought but never ever used, these are almost certainly the last brand new Original style Boreals/Metas in existence.

Without a doubt, one of the most innovative outdoor winter equipment designs, the Karhu Meta All-Terrain Skis are a fresh approach that expands the traditional free-heel market – no special boot and binding combination are needed. The fat oversized design provides a stable and maneuverable platform similar to snowshoes, while the built-in bearfur base creates unbelievable grip going uphill and excellent balance between thrills and controlled glide on the downhill - no matter
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