Up for auction is this pair of mens dress pants. The maker is LL Bean and the color is Loden, which as you know is a deep green...they are absolutely stunning. These pants come in the size 36/32 and are cuffed at the bottom of the legs. Again, these 100% wool pants are well made..so don't miss out and place your bid today. The only problem with these pants are a button on the right back pocket is missing, I don't know how but it's gone. The color of the button is extremely common and you won't have a problem finding one. I'm not a crafty person or I would have put one on for you but I will start the bid very low so make up for this. If you are the winning bidder and these LL Bean pants don't arrive as stated and as pictured, I will refund your entire purchase price including shipping. I strive for customer satisfaction and if you're not happy, i'm not happy. Thanks for your business and God bless.