LL-Lot antique doll clothes-dress+Irish crochet lace+fur coat cape French/German

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** Starting the week of March 29th, we will be listing an amazing collection of dolls . All of these beauties are from a single estate. The lady collected everyting from Ginny, to Lenci dolls, to the finest French & German bisque dolls . We will also be lising tons of antique doll clothing, accessories, etc. so please keep checking our auctions for new listings**

The antique dresses all came from her collection. The only ones that did not are the primitive blouses and skirts made with the antique cotton calico fabrics. These came from a different estate. She also made gorgeous dresses from antique silks and laces which we will also be listing, along with all of her antique lace trim, silk, ribbons so please keep checking the auctions.

Description : 4 pc lot of antique clothing for dolls. Perfect for your finest German or French bisque doll

Hand made Irish crochet lace shawl is about 9" across the shoulders and 4" deep/long

Batiste and lace jacket/dress is 5.5" across shoulders and 7" long.
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