Lladro Black Legacy,"Finishing Touches" (Retired)

This item and many others I have placed on EBay are part of an Estate reduction. My Mother really enjoyed collecting Lladro's "Black Legacy Collection" for many years. I am keeping sentimental pieces out of all of her collections and selling the rest. I was not able to find any of the original boxes for this collection. One of the five kiln-fired inscriptions are shown on the bottom of each piece. Most of the collection is in excellent condition. Some have broken pieces, but this will be noted with each piece and a reduction will be made on the price of these items. Museum putty was placed on the bottom of all of the collection, to keep them steady while my Mother lived in California. She was a serious collector and did not want them broken. They were kept in glass cases or were wrapped in tissue paper and stored. No repairs have been done to these pieces, they are as is. Almost, all of the pieces are retired and can be hard to find. Many have the Lladro Assurance Program slips, but I am not sure if they transfer over to new collectors. Please look at the pictures carefully and contact with any questions. I have also placed her Thomas Blackshear collection on EBay, so please look at these items if interested.

"Beautiful Ballerina " - Handcrafted, handpainted in fine porcelain.

Note: A "Beautiful Ballerina" prepares
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