RARE Lladro “Court Jester” Inspired by NORMAN ROCKWELL 1982, Retired

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RARE Lladro “Court Jester” Inspired by NORMAN ROCKWELL

RARE Lladro “Court Jester” porcelain figurine, produced in cooperation with Dave Grossman Designs, Inc. in 1982, was purchased directly from the Lladro factory in Spain. It measures 5 inches wide x 7.75 inches deep x 9 inches tall. I do not have the original box.


The “Court Jester” is one of seven figurines based on the paintings of Norman Rockwell. Although they were produced in 1982, these stunning, three-dimensional Norman Rockwell LLadros did not appear in any LLadro catalogs until 1998 and were never distributed through authorized LLadro dealers. This accounts for the rarity of this figurine.

These figurines were limited to 5,000 each. During the early years, sales were slow because they were too expensive for the average collector. It is believed that at least 2,000 of each of the different figurines in this series were created, but the exact number at which production stopped between 2,000 and 5,000 is unknown. When Lladro discontinued production of the Norman Rockwell figurines, there were still a number of undistributed pieces on the shelves in the LLadro factory in Spain - produced but not yet shipped.

The markings on these pieces
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