Lladro ELEGANT PROMENADE: lady with two handsome dogs

Selling today at a retail price of USD 1000, this lovely and tall and huge figurine is a real beauty. This model has been in production from 1991, and even after 20 years, it is in high demand. The figurine stands 15.5 inch tall. The flowers on the lady's hat are in overall good condition, except for the tips of a couple of leaves as also the tips of the calyx of the two buds are cut...all this is hardly noticeable as you can see from the pictures. The tip of the tail of one of the afghans is broken. The leashes of the dogs are made up of leather, and due to passage of time, they have slipped out of the lady's hand. But fixing them back with a drop of glue should hardly be a chore!

At the end of the description, I would like to request my buyers from the USA, that in case you are the winner of this item, to please give your shipment at least upto 6 weeks to reach you. Seems like a very long time, but please try to understand that from end of November 2011, shipments from outside the USA to a destination within the USA are being subjected to heavy scrutiny and scans, thereby delaying them anywhere between 6 to 7 weeks. In case you would not know, all these measures are taken by the TSA since there was a terrorist threat encountered in two of the passenger planes to the USA in the month of November. In fact, some countries
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