Lladro, Girl Carrying Basket of Flowers Perfect !

Lladro, Girl Carrying Basket of Flowers Perfect !! , Height 10.25 inches. Box is not included. Always kept in china closet for display. Shipping is $ 10.00 in U.S. only. Personal checks or money orders ok.
Presented for auction are Lladro Figurines from an estate in Orange Park , Florida . This family has collected Lladro's for many years and have decided to sell their collection. We will list about 40 Lladro Figurines within the next several weeks. Bid with confidence as my feedback rating is 100% positive. If you want to follow this sale please add me to your favorite sellers list. We will also be selling very nice porcelain dolls (over 300) over the next several weeks and months. Lladro - how it's made: Many know what lladro is and enjoy collecting it. But not everyone knows how it is made ...

The lladro figurines start life as a sketch. After it has been approved, a model is made in clay by a master sculptor. This is 20% larger than the finished figure, to allow for shrinkage when fired. The sculpture is analysed by master mould makers, who ascertain how the figure will be segmented. The model is sliced into pieces, and technically-precise moulds are made by encasing the pieces in a plaster-like substance. Sometimes, over one hundred moulds are needed to create a single lladro figurine. The moulds are filled with a

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