Lladro Girl with Basket and Bouquet Figurine EARLY Mark


Presented for auction fresh from an estate is this early made Lladro Figurine.

Featured is a young Girl with two long Ponytails, one over her front shoulder and one cascading down her back, holding in her left arm a BOUQUET of flowers while in her right hand she is carrying a BASKET filled with Apples. The Flowers and Petals on the Apples are applied and are very delicate. Her head is slightly tilted and looking downward with her delicate mouth opened. She is barefooted. Her Top overlay of her caftan appears to have an INDIAN MOTIF. Her dress is featured in a subtle Lavender with very very faint horizontal lines, very difficult to see. This figurine is featured in the MATTE finish.

The base is marked with the EARLY Lladro Mark which is the double "L" with the first "L" showing an elongated bottom of the "L" running across the name "LLADRO". This mark is impressed as well as "MADE IN SPAIN". T is an impressed "106" or "901" shown as well as impressed "R", impressed "BELLFLOWER", two other symbols impressed and lastly, in pencil the letter "L" in script and the letter "A" in pencil also.

Figurine measures 8" high.

Condition: VERY FINE CONDITION. In checking the applied Petals of the flowers and leaves on the apples and bouquet they all appear
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