Lladro " The Puppet Painter " Pinocchio & Gepetto 5396

LLADRO "The Puppet Painter" RARE & Hard to find!Signed and dated Highest Quality and Best Price, HURRY wont' last make an offer NOW! Appraised for over $1,000.00

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I have Snow White, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Doc, Alice in Wonderland and more!

We all love Disney and especially Pinocchio & Gepetto! Look at the love in Gepetto's eyes. The perfect gift for your or a loved one.

Lladro’s are not just beautifully designed sculptures from Spain . Each one has a story and a meaning behind it. They all speak to you or remind you of a memory that will last a life time. These are highly valued treasures for a reason, the creativity of the designer and the detailed perfection inspire us to remember good times and special people. Lladro’s only increase in their value, they are beautiful assets . Collect, keep and treasure them!

There is no gift better than a Lladro either, for yourself or a loved one.

Mint Condition! No chips, cracks or imperfections.

*You are purchasing Authentic Lladro’s guaranteed. I always recommend doing research via internet prior to bidding or purchasing on any of my items. There are many collectible dealer’s out there selling Lladro’s for a lot more money with the exact specifications and authenticity of mine.

Sculptor: Salvador Furió
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