Lloyd Brothers IRIS pharmacy bottle cincinnati, o

Lloyd Brothers IRIS Pharmacy bottle - Cincinnati, Ohio
Hello, up for bid is a Lloyd Brothers Pharmacy bottle from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is approx 1895-1905. This bottle came out of the Uhrichsville pharmacy/drugstore that closed down many years ago. Contents are full in this bottle with the original cork and paper seal. It measures 4 3/4" tall. Condition of the bottle is great with normal wear on label for the age. It stands 4 3/4" tall and the label reads as follows:
Absolutely Alcohol 80%
Lloyd Brothers, Cincinnati, O
Specific Use: Increases waste and improves nutrition. Alterative, especially valuable in constitutional syphilis.
The remedy for Goitre.
Dose: Rx Sp. Med. Iris, gtt. x to 3j.
water, 3iv.
Sig. A teaspoonful every three hours.
Side label reads:
Specific Medicine: Iris Versicolor is a most important remedy, and has a wide field of usefulness, standing at the head of vegetable remedies for the relief of secondary syphilis. It increases waste, and influences for good the whole glandular and lymphatic system.
Applied externally, it is used with success in enlarged thyroid; while given internally, I have seen it succeed when other much-vaunted remedies had failed. In dermal Practice, especially in chronic scaly skin diseases, and when
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