Loaded molle Blackhawk load bearing vest / LBV!

Omega Strike loaded molle LBV!

Very nice heavy duty Blackhawk LBV with MANY extras. I hate to get rid of this thing as I love it, but I've already got another in tan that I'm getting, along with my chest rigs. Take a close look at the pics as to what's included with this vest...if you add it up you'll find it's a couple hundred dollars worth. Everything is in great useable condition, though it's seen some action so it's definately broken in. The vest is one size fits all, though very adjustable for height and girth. According to the Blackhawk website, it's 6" up or down in height, and 30-60" for girth. 's what's on it:

- heavy duty pack belt
- admin pouch (map/flashlight/nameplate)
- compass pouch
- medium utility pouch with nameplate
- uni pistol/M4 pouch
- 2 x can style grenade pouches
- 2 x frag/smoke small pouches
- rear molle hydration carrier (NO HYDRO UNIT INCLUDED)
- rear large radio pouch (designed for marine/uhf style radio)
- medium medic pouch
- ALICE/NAM style 3 mag pouch

I'm starting to clear out all my airsoft and surplus mil stuff that I don't use regularly since I'm going to have to plan to move most likely before I ship out again. Please check out my other auctions as I'm really getting rid of just about everything! I will ship in a well
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