Lock-Jaw OLYMPIC Barbell Collars 2 PAIRS - Muscle Clamp

First - see my feedback and Testimonials, customers with HIGH EXPECTATIONS don't lie!

You are bidding on a 2 Sets (4 collars total) Brand New retail packed Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars .

One pair of Olympic sized 2"/50mm) weight plate retention collars. Retail priced at $45.00 per pair!

Perfect for dumbbell handles - each collar hold over 200 pounds vertically!

These are BRAND NEW 2009 model in Black Color.


Solid nylon construstion - unbreakable! Will not scratch or damage chrome! Guaranteed for LIFE! (My email is - my website is on the packaging. If you ever want to replace these collars - just email me in this lifetime!)

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded! These are the latest and greatest barbell collars available! I have sold THOUSANDS of these collars without a warranty or a return.

If you are considering Muscle Clamps - LOOK AT THESE CLOSELY! They don't have any glue, springs or small thin components that make muscle clamps fail after only a few months. They were designed by an engineer that was fed up with the poor quality and design of muscle clamps!

International Buyers: Please contact me directly to place larger quantity orders of Lock-Jaw Collars.

UK and International Customers: Priority mail can take up to 2-weeks to arrive.
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