Lockheed Martin Ethics Challenge Board Game w/ Dilbert

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The Ethics Challenge

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Ethics a la Dilbert. By: Dyrud, Marilyn A. /human-resources/employee-development-employee-ethics/731411-1.html Teaching ethics is a tricky business. Most of us who want to include ethics in our business and communications courses may find that we require substantial research to augment our knowledge of an area in which we are interested but have no formal training. Then t's the problem of how to approach such an enormous field and do it in a way that logically, contly, and seamlessly complements course content. While casebooks provide examples and assignments, cases are not always satisfactory for a number of reasons: many are not real, they require students to engage in alien role-playing Playing the Game

Designed by cohen/gebler Associates as an in-house ethics awareness training module for Lockheed Martin's 190,000 employees, The Ethics Challenge is a scenario-based board game for teams of three to seven players. A game leader oversees play, and a video featuring Norm Augustine, Lockheed Martin's CEO, provides orientation. Each team is represented by a cartoon character (Dilbert, Wally, Ratbert, Catbert, The Boss, or Alice) who tours the "office" game board and collects tokens
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