Please take into full consideration that our starting price in NO way reflects what we have into the items listed. We trust in the ebay system and believe the market will find the right prices for the pieces. We go to great lengths to bring the finest quality on ebay with NO reserves. Many people are astounded at the quality we consistently offer and are repeat buyers. Often times we put collections together just so that you will have a choice within that category.. Please keep an eye out every week for new items I will be listing. This Winter/Spring we will blow you away with the same fine quality we have been offering, at "No" reserves and our consistent $9.99 start to our auction. In no way does this reflect what we have invested in these items .

Why do people get excited and BID on my items. Pretty simple! I am one of only a Few sellers on ebay who bring the finest pieces to be sold with "NO" reserves and $9.99 starting bids! I scour the country and the world finding the best items. This is WHY you will see many people bidding on my items and not on others! I don't offer junk and you will find I consistently only offer the best. I set the market price and value for items. Just take a look at most sellers low end items and then look at mine! NO Comparison. I outsell them 3 to 1, and will continue to do so! Many of my
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