LOETZ Unidentified Decor II IRIDESCENT GREEN 5.5" BOWL w/fake lct signature

shows this decor as Unidentified Decor II. A short and tall vase are shown as examples. This 5.5" size bowl is also known. Some less than honest person along the way added the L C Tiffany Favrile D844. (The extra "L" is not an accidental reflection.) Its a lovely deep green that reacts slightly to UV light. At an angle, the rim of the bowl appears blue. Gentle iridescence all over. Hand tool marks on the wavy rim. CONDITION: It shows base wear and much wear inside the bowl, as if it held change or keys, for years. No chips, nicks or cracks. It sounds like crystal when tapped. It needs a loving, appreciative home with more flat space and others of its like to roam with. It is still a beautiful piece and perhaps rare part of art glass making history.
Packed safe!