H. Loewenson Pre 1888 German .750 Silver Dog Trinket Box

Gale Pirie

Hello, your appraisal request is assigned to me. H.Loewenson is the name of the retailer who originally sold your C. 19th C. box. Many retailers of the time had goods made specifically for them as do many retailers today. You have accurately researched the mark for silver purity which is 750 parts per thousand. Sterling silver is minimum of 925 parts per thousand pure silver and coin silver is generally about 800 parts per thousand, so the silver is of quite a low purity, which will impact on desirability and values. The figural top though enhances desirability, and dog figures in particular always have a good collector following. I am not able to see the hinge or interior, so I will assume the condition of these is good. Serious collectors will always check hinge condition, so if there is damage, this will reduce value significantly. Makers of the time in Germany often didn't mark holloware with their name, but most times a city mark was used. Unfortunately, it appears that the mark ( city or maker) has been worn due to polishing.............or is for some other reason not legible in your photos. I wish I could tell you who made the piece for H. Loewenson, but I just do not have enough information. The value opinions below are for the piece in it's present conditiion. A very good buy for $2!!.

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