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Logan, a smart, fun, and funny Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that'll become your child's new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this sporty blue Fijit Friend has several interactive features, including voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in responses. Recommended for ages six and up, Logan will be a fast and lasting friend that chats, dances, jokes, and performs.

The Sporty Fijit Friend
At a Glance:
Age: 6 years and up
Requirements: 5 AA batteries
* Colors and decorations may vary. Logan
The Sporty Fijit Friend

Meet Logan, the Sporty Fijit Friend
Logan is just as happy showing off her latest hi-tech gadget as she is playing outdoors. This super-loyal pal adores animals and will always cheer you on. Like all Fijit Friends, Logan was created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music! She loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she's dizzy, and be herself with her one true bestie.

The Fijit Friends Interactive Toy Collection consists of four different Fijit Friends (sold separately), each with their own different personalities and jokes.

Soft, Tactile Skin Enables Lifelike Movements
This Fijit

Your new friend's body and head will turn, bounce, and wiggle. Even her LED face and eyes will light up in response to stimuli. With unique movements and a huggable form, she'll make a fascinating new BFF.

Watch as Your Fijit Friend Dances to the Beat
Play your own music and watch this Fijit Friend boogie in dance mode. Beat Sensors allow physical and emotional reactions to different styles of music--from slow ballads to lively pop tracks. Dance along as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She'll even perform her own original songs.

Responds to Your Voice with Phrases, Jokes, and More
Eager to chat and make you laugh, this Fijit Friend features voice recognition, allowing her to identify over 30 voice commands and respond with more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes. When it's time for bed, wish your Fijit Friend a goodnight. Her belly will glow like a nightlight as she nods to sleep.

This Fijit Friend can also detect and respond to various media platforms, including mobile applications, webisodes, television commercials, and more.

What's in the Box
Logan Fijit Friend, five AA "Try-Me" batteries, and instructions.

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