Logan's Run Sandman blaster prop (Import) All metal

This custom machined metal replica ships exactly as seen below. Each prop includes real glow plug, toggle switch and spring loaded trigger assembly. The rear tank is also removable just like the original props.

This is fully assembled and ready for display. I only have 5 of these and then they are gone!

Everything on this replica is metal except the grips. It is the best replica I've ever seen offered. THIS IS A NON WORKING REPLICA.

NOTE TO EBAY: This is a fantasy prop. It is based on that which is seen in a 1970's Science fiction film and is not capable of being made to fire anything. It is simply a solid metal model of a science fiction, "Ray-Gun." It is not based on ANY real weapon and is a work of fantasy.

Payment via PAYPAL ONLY! Shipping in the USA is $19.00. Shipping for all other countries is $39.00