LOGAN'S RUN unfilmed TV series script THE PLAYGROUND


"The Playground"

Picture shown above is of the script you will receive

we have a copy of a script for the CBS-TV

science fiction series starring Gregory Harrison,

Heather Menzies, Donald Moffat, & Randy Powell



"The Playground"


Unfilmed scripts for a series are like being able to read an
episode of a favorite show you've never seen before. It's
a common practice for a studio / production company
to commission more scripts to be written than will be
produced. Sometimes a script will have been written but
the series is cancelled before filming. A script may have
been submitted but the producers end up feeling the story
wouldn't work out for some reason. A script may be written
and then shelved in favor of a different storyline. Reasons
for why a script may not make it before the cameras can be
varied, but these stories can offer interesting glimpses of
episodes that "might have been". Among collectors, these
unproduced scripts are often the most highly sought after.

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