Logick: or, The Use of Reason, "RARE" 1st Amer Ed. 1789

A RARE Book:

Logick: or, the Right Use of Reason in the Enquiry after Truth. With a variety of rules to guard against error, in the affairs of religion and human life, as well as in the sciences

Book Description: Philadelphia: Printed for Thomas Dobson, at the Stone House, in Second Street, 1789. First published in England in 1725, this is the first printing in America of Watts' first important work; it ultimately became extremely influential in universities and America well through the first half of the 19th century. As an interesting side note, Watts, in describing the particular sophism known as the 'straw man", was the first the use the word 'straw" in describing it. At p. 303, he writes: ".and when they have with a great deal of pomp attacked and confounded these images of straw of their own making, they triumph over their adversary as if they had confounded his position." There is some beginnings of hinge separation but the binding is tight and the covers are secure. 12mo. x, 13-348 pp a very good, sound copy of a rare book. A rare and important First American printing. Please see photos for condition.

Signed and dated by a Nehemiah Sherwood, bought on April of 1793 a great piece of History 348 pages 6.5x4.25"

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