LOMAX - The First Ten Years Book Direct from Author Signed on Request !

The irresistable rise of the Lomax Motor Company must form one of the most improbable yet delightful success stories of the last decade. Beginning as one man's vision of the ideal lightweight sports car, the Lomax has matured to become a firm favourite with enthusiasts at home and abroad. Perhaps the car's universal appeal stems from its' ability to be all things to all men. To the motorcyclist, it is a natural progression. To the vintage enthusiast, it is a throwback to the halcyon days of pre-war motoring. To the Citroen aficionado, it's a 2CV in exciting new clothes. And to the kit car builder, it represents one of the most original yet straightforward designs for home construction.

For the first time, this book tells the full story of Lomax and includes many hitherto unpublished photographs from the private collection of Nigel Whall, the car's designer. Unseen prototypes and 'missing links' are rediscovered as the history of the car is traced through the four separate companies that manufactured it. Read about the little-known 'counterfeit' Lomax, the rare 'letter-box' models, the 'Super Vee' and the 'Deja-vu'. A model-by-model production history makes this volume a valuable reference work for anyone wishing to find the true age of their own Lomax.

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