London Bus Blind - Deptford New Cross - South East London Souvenir - Routemaster

London Bus Blind - Deptford and New Cross - South East London Souvenir - Routemaster
This Deptford and New Cross sign is from a genuine London bus blind, and was once part of a blind on a working London bus! These London transport destination blind signs are really evocative of London life and look AMAZING framed!
The section of blind is 15cm high and 106cm wide.
Condition is good, though please note that the signs are from working bus destination blinds and so there can be creases and dirt (this can normally be washed off with warm soapy water - though some people feel imperfections add rather than detract from their bus blind!). I will point out where there are obvious creases.
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT POSTAGE:If you are ordering one blind, it will be posted in a small roll, something like a kitchen roll inner.This is not only the cheapest (it enables me to offer FREE postage) but the BEST way of transporting it - if it’s sent flat it runs the risk of getting bent or refused by the Post Office. However, if you want your blind sent to you in a different way please let me know.
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