Lone Ranger & Silver, Tonto & Scout, Butch Cavendish & Smoke by Gabriel 1973

Lone Ranger & Silver - Tonto and Scout - Butch Cavendish and Smoke - !!
I got these guys originally for Christmas 1973! What a great day that was for me and my brother - even though we had to share :-(
But, it's time to move these guys on to someone else who will love them as much as I did.
Lone Ranger is exactly like you see - he does have a cracked wrist socket, but his hand is still in there. Elastic and other joints are good.
Tonto is in need of some attention - his elastic is very stretched and his forearms are off (included) and he has a bad repair made to his upper left arm.
Butch seems to be just fine and is the best of the bunch - I guess we didn't use him as much. We didn't want to be the bad guy?
Outfits: Butch has all his snaps intact and so does Tonto. Lone Ranger has all snaps but one needs needs to be sewn back on. LR outfit also needs new laces in his shirt and his seams are splitting at the crotch. L.R. also has no mask.
Only one gun left between them all but I managed to have an extra black gun belt - not sure why I have extra belt and horse...
Speaking of Horses!!
All three horses are here too!! Plus one!
Scout "A" is missing a hoof and Scout "B" is missing a tail.
Silver and Smoke are pretty good and all FOUR of them tight jointed. They all
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