Lonesome Dove Hat Creek Cattle Company Sign LARGE

Lonesome Dove Hat Creek Cattle Company Sign LARGE

Lonesome Dove "Hat Creek Cattle Company" All Weather* - Wood Sign

BONUS - The Story behind the Hat Creek Cattle Livery Emporium Sign.

HAT CREEK CATTLE COMPANY SIGN - This is a replica of the same sign used in the movie "Lonesome Dove". The size is 42" by 17.5"(approx). It was made with ponderosa pine carefully selected for quality and character. It is treated only with a hand rubbed Linseed/Teak and Australian Timber Oil for a superior and durable finish, so it can be hung indoors or out (it will weather outdoors)The Hardware is an old fashion Western style antiqued Brass Cup metal handle to complete the replica of the root cellar door used in the movie/mini series and described in Larry Mc Murtrys Pulitzer prized winning novel, Lonesome Dove. The sign is reinforced with galvanized screws, so it will last for generations. I believe this extra time and effort is well worth it in order to give you;

The most authentic, well made Hat Cattle Creek sign available - anyw at any price!

BONUS - THE STORY BEHIND THE HAT CATTLE CREEK SIGN I have this sign in my shop and many people ask what does it mean? This 2 page essay printed on parchment paper, (suitable for Framing 2x 8.5x11) describes the evolution of the sign, why Augustus put those words on
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