Long Rich Red / Silver 'Mum Vintage Silk Kimono Fabric

This is a great panel, a medium weight silk it has a coarser thread, l believe a fine black wool, woven in with the silk which is giving it a bit more body than silk alone. It feels like a Chirimen but without the obvious crepe texture, just a very fine mild tooth. The extra weight gives it a nice firm drape with a bit of increased stiffness over the woven metallic design. The colour is a lovely Rich Red - on my monitor, close to true. The 2 Chrysanthemums are big & bold each design about 13 inches across & woven (see last picture for fabric reverse) in Silver Metallic thread predominantly with shading in Gold metallic (see close up). Nicely detailed, this reflects the light nicely & the warm Red enriches the Silver which can look a bit 'cold' on some fabrics. The condition is very good, no issues l can see. The panel is 14 ins wide & 56 ins long. Long piece, lovely shade of Red.

Most of my fabrics are sourced from Japan for my own handicraft projects & l sell my excess, so if you see one you like, please bid - it may be the only piece like it l ever list! I do not pretend to be an expert, l am an enthusiast with a love of fabric and want my customers to be happy with their purchase - l would never deliberately mislead. I describe to the best of my ability & am quite 'picky' about pointing out even
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